Software is a set of instructions that allows a computer to perform certain tasks or operations. The use of industrial software makes it possible to monetize resources and control costs, making the entire production process more efficient.

The use of software for monitoring, controling and data collecting is essential for operators in the production processes. The gathering of different types of signals and brands of controllers is simplified with the use of HMI (interface man – machine) terminals or computers with SCADA software (Supervision, Control, Acquisition, Data and Analysis), having high potential in terms of graphics, alarms, statistics, recipe creation, etc. SCADA software, being computer based, offers more functionality, giving users more information on the screen as well as the operation and performance of all or part of the installation. AZ Mecatrónica has developed SCADA solutions offering customers easy-to-use, technologically advanced and high quality interfaces, using various programming platforms such as Vijeo Citect, WinCC, RS Factorytalk View and LabView.

Customized software development provides evolutionary solutions adapting to every innovation in the production line. AZ Mecatrónica has developed applications for collecting data from the various controllers on the shop floor, promoting direct share of information or through a database, with supervisory software, mobile software and ERP / MES production management systems, creating competitive advantage for each customer.

Receiving real-time production information is a decisive factor for decision-making, allowing timely intervention in the correction and adjustment of production. AZ Mecatrónica develops solutions for Android or Windows Mobile operating systems, displaying production information on a tablet or smartphone, allowing reports to be sent by email, and alerts or alarm through SMS (cellphone text messaging).