Mechanics is the ​​engineering area that studies bodiea behavior when subjected to forces and displacements, and the effects caused in their surroundings. The mechanical design executed in a 3D software allows the creation and import of sets of parts, where it is possible to simulate all movements and their limits, verify and test the various concepts of mechanics, for the design and manufacture of reliable and robust industrial equipment.

AZ Mecatrónica is based on solutions tailored to specific customer requirements, developing technologically advanced turnkey solutions. The field of automation, coupled with the vast knowledge of mechanical components, based on the technical skills of its team, enables AZ Mecatrónica to design, manufacture, assemble, test, install and commission the specified solutions. A philosophy based on obtaining performances of excellence in productive income, giving special preponderance to the reduction of operating costs and raw material waste.

AZ Mecatrónica has designed solutions such as:

  • Assembly Machines;
  • Machining;
  • Production lines;
  • Templates;
  • Hand Grippers;
  • Means of control;

Robotic cells reduce implantation time, significantly increasing production quantity and quality. The binomial reliability and robustness of the used materials allows robots to be used under industry’s most demanding and severe conditions.

Focusing on resource monetization and increased production, logistics plays a crucial role in planning the reception of raw materials, distributing the various production lines, storing and shipping the finished products. AZ Mecatrónica designs and conceives in-logistic solutions tailored to the needs of the customer process, including:

  • Roller conveyors and screens;
  • Logistic trains;
  • Line borders;
  • Work stations;
  • Distribution solutions (Sorter);
  • Pick to Light systems;
  • Automatic warehouses;