The revolution is in Motion – Meet the ultimate 3D camera

Photoneo today presented a new technology that comes to reshape the potential of 3D vision in the industry. The reconstruction of moving 3D scenarios now takes on a new meaning – the compromise between quality and speed it’s over

The 3D reconstruction of moving objects has been a major challenge for the creators of 3D vision systems since, until now, none of the 3D detection technologies on the market has been fully capable of overcoming their own limitations. Regardless of the solution chosen, the customer was always left with a compromise between the quality and speed of the device. The game changes now.

Photoneo is now launching a new technology, called Parallel Structured Light, which basically changes the limits of three-dimensional vision and bridges the gap between existing 3D detection methods.

This technology uses structured light, in combination with a CMOS image sensor with a mosaic shutter, to capture moving objects with high quality. The sensor is composed of blocks of “super-pixels” divided into “sub-pixels”. The main secret of this technology is in the laser coming from a light projector that stays on while the individual pixels are repeatedly turned on and off.

«The great limitation of the structured light method is that the coded patterns of the projector are captured by the camera sequentially and, since the acquisition of an image of a 3D surface requires several“ frames ”, this light cannot be used for dynamic objects or in scenarios where the sensor is in motion, as this causes the image to distort, ”says Tomas Kavacovsky, co-founder and CTO of Photoneo.

The new patented technology, “Parallel Structured Light”, allows the capture of a dynamic scene without motion blur, reconstructing the 3D image from a single photo of the sensor. This means that the scene is “paralyzed” to acquire several images of light structured in a single “frame” and obtain a high quality snapshot of the moving object.

Photoneo has implemented this technology in MotionCam-3D – its 3D camera with higher resolution and greater precision, capable of capturing moving objects.

What exclusive features does this camera now bring to the market?

Area sweeps of moving objects at 144 km / h, effective resistance to vibrations, maximum resolution of 2 Mpx, high level of detail at the edges, industrial-grade quality guaranteed by thermal calibration, PoE & 24V, IP65, easy configuration, savings computing resources and an unmatched scanning range.

The demonstration unit has already been recognized in a number of prestigious international competitions. For example in the Vision Award (gold) and Vision Systems Design Innovators (platinum).

«Gabriele Jansen, one of the most prestigious experts in the vision industry, confirms that this camera“ now bridges the gap ”between existing 3D technologies, making possible something“ that has not been painfully allowed until now – scanning with high-precision snapshots in large work areas that are on the move. ”

MotionCam-3D was officially launched today and is available to help you reach new levels of automation solutions.

Find out more about the exclusive features of MotionCam-3D at this link or contact us.