The new generation of PhoXi 3D Scanner

Better, faster and more durable – meet the ultimate companion for your vision
guided projects

«Photoneo proudly announces the release of its new PhoXi 3D Scanner ! It introduces
yet greater performance and a new housing designed to withstand challenging
conditions of tough industrial environments. The range of possible applications has thus
been extended to satisfy the needs of all customers.»

The driving force behind this big upgrade was customer feedback that set the direction of the improvements. The aim was to make the PhoXi 3D Scanner more resistant to influences of the external environment and ensure that it will provide stable performance even when exposed to tough industrial environments or varying temperatures.

In order to enhance the scanning experience and customer satisfaction, Photoneo also upgraded the scanner firmware and improved the overall scanning performance. By introducing new features and powering options, the scanner has become more versatile and easier to use than ever before. The new PhoXi 3D Scanner brings along the following improvements and new features:

Improved scanning performance: Users will now save 200 milliseconds of the overall scanning time and enjoy a reliable performance also under changing temperatures thanks to the advanced thermal calibration.

Durability: Thanks to the new IP65, which protects against dust and low-pressure jets of water, the scanner’s high performance remains unaffected even if exposed to challenging industrial conditions. Reliable power and data connection is provided by the new M12 connectors with screw-on locks.

New powering options: Users now need to use only a single cable to get both electric power and data connection – Power over Ethernet. Alternatively, they can power their devices by 24 V. This provides easier use and ensures great versatility and strong performance even when using cables longer than 30 m.

Upgraded firmware: The new PhoXi 3D Scanner provides even better ambient light suppression and reflection filtering than the older version, and also more user settings for scanning control and speed-ups.

New, eco-friendlier package: With the release of the new PhoXi 3D Scanner, Photoneo also introduces new packaging that not only reliably protects the device during transportation but also connects with Photoneo mission to be considerate of the environment.