Join the webinar on MotionCam-3D + get it for only 6990 EUR+VAT

Join the webinar on MotionCam-3D + get the world’s best 3D camera for only 6990 EUR+VAT Last week’s release of MotionCam-3D marked a turning point in industrial machine vision. The highest-resolution and highest-accuracy area scan 3D camera for dynamic scenes is now fully available to you and ready to show you the next level of industrial automation. Learn more about MotionCam-3D in our webinar! Photoneo’s experts will explain to you the technology behind MotionCam-3D — the novel, patented Parallel Structured Light method — how

The revolution is in Motion – Meet the ultimate 3D camera

Photoneo today presented a new technology that comes to reshape the potential of 3D vision in the industry. The reconstruction of moving 3D scenarios now takes on a new meaning – the compromise between quality and speed it’s over The 3D reconstruction of moving objects has been a major challenge for the creators of 3D vision systems since, until now, none of the 3D detection technologies on the market has been fully capable of overcoming their own limitations. Regardless of the

The new generation of PhoXi 3D Scanner

Better, faster and more durable – meet the ultimate companion for your visionguided projects. «Photoneo proudly announces the release of its new PhoXi 3D Scanner ! It introducesyet greater performance and a new housing designed to withstand challengingconditions of tough industrial environments. The range of possible applications has thusbeen extended to satisfy the needs of all customers.» The driving force behind this big upgrade was customer feedback that set the direction of the improvements. The aim was to make the PhoXi 3D