Robotic picking of bags – not so utopic after all

Randomly arranged objects of irregular shapes, made of flexible materials that are easily deformable, wrinkled and thus difficult to localize? This is now a problem of the past. «We decided to utilize our experience, knowledge, and skills to push the performance of our AI-powered solutions even further and “teach” them detect and pick bags.» Bin picking – i.e. robotic detecting and picking of randomly arranged objects from within a bin on the basis of CAD models – is a common type of

The new generation of PhoXi 3D Scanner

Better, faster and more durable – meet the ultimate companion for your visionguided projects. «Photoneo proudly announces the release of its new PhoXi 3D Scanner ! It introducesyet greater performance and a new housing designed to withstand challengingconditions of tough industrial environments. The range of possible applications has thusbeen extended to satisfy the needs of all customers.» The driving force behind this big upgrade was customer feedback that set the direction of the improvements. The aim was to make the PhoXi 3D